Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Forgotten Hollywood Remembered

Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History
By Manny Pacheco

It was October 2010 that author Manny Pacheco visited Edmonds, Wa as an honored Hollywood guest for the Edmonds International Film Festival.  Bringing Hollywood to that small town was such a treat, and one of many of his tours.  His fascinating book shares incredible stories of the character actors and supporting players who brought American history to life on the screen during the days of old Hollywood.  The author brings his additional insight, analyzing these actors’ body of work to show how they have also created history themselves.  As the author says about these actors, “We can see by type-casting, or through intentional choices, the development of a career with some meaning.”  Enhancing his story about these actors and their historical works are some delightful pictures of them, their films, and also the real historical people and events.

Savor the personal stories of award winning supporting actors such as Claude Rains, Ward Bond, Walter Brennan, Thomas Mitchell, William Bendix, Donald Crisp, and others.  See how their personal histories also reflect American history.  There’s great trivia too.  For example, do you know who holds the record for appearing in more movies nominated for Best Picture awards than any other actor in history?  You’ll also learn little known factual information about the American history events and people depicted.

Manny Pacheco is steeped in the world of Hollywood.  He’s been a broadcaster in Los Angeles and Southern California for over three decades, and he’s a thirty year member of the Screen Actors Guild.  A student of history and a movie fan, he’s blended his two passions in this book.  He keeps very busy with an engaging website that also includes interviews, events, and articles.  He also has other books, including Son of Forgotten Hollywood Book 2 published in 2012.

After reading this book you’ll want to watch some of those old time movies and see these legendary performances for yourself.  So sing along . . . .

“Hooray for Hollywood
That screwy ballahooey Hollywood
Where any office boy or young mechanic can be a panic
With just a good looking pan
And any barmaid can be a star maid
If she dances with or without a fan”

Thereby hangs a tale . . . .

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