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The Bones At Point No Point - A Thomas Austin Crime Thriller


The Bones At Point No Point

By D.D. Black

When justice is delivered and a serial killer is behind bars, society can breath a collective sigh of relief, but not in “the holiday baby butcher case”. Thomas Austin is a retired NYPD detective, having served loyally for twenty years, and this case had sucked life out of him, leaving an indelible mark. Moved to the Pacific Northwest, Austin opened a business for a new start, but now the killings have begun again. Why has the torment followed him across the country from New York? The case continues to haunt him, now with a long and grisly reach, from prison.

A serial killer, a baby butcher caught in New York after a horrific murder there, was returned to Seattle to stand trial for her murders previously committed at that city. Now notorious Lorraine D'Antonia is locked away in the maximum security wing of the Washington Correction Center for Women, case closed. Until a disturbing report surfaces two years later. Someone is butchering holidays again, a sinister intent by a force of mystery.

Thomas Austin is called by the Kitsap County Sheriff's office for his expertise on his work on the case in New York. How will he answer? Will his response come in time, before another chilling discovery is reported of The Bones At Point No Point. Is the world worth saving, one case at a time?

The small county sheriff office have their hands full with a gut-wrenching murder mystery. Their best officers are on the case, but there are a lot of clues to sift through, and some sharp detective work needed. There's a lot to learn from the horrific murders committed by the imprisoned Lorraine D'Antonia's, and there are new twists. The most experienced officers, and all hands are on deck in this investigation. Time is not on their side, as the next holiday is fast approaching.

Intrigue hooks you from the start of this suspenseful thriller. You'll be analyzing the clues along with the team, and be mesmerized by the most compelling scenes. The author skillfully creates the most interesting characters. Thomas Austin resonates as he acts on impulse, and on instinct from his years of experience. His dearest companion, his irresistible, scruffy dog Run brings out a most touching side to Austin. So does an intrepid reporter, Anna. Revelations of Austin's personal history bring an added dimension and tone to his personality. The team members at the Sheriff's office are so artfully created by the author, they soon feel like friends in pursuit of answers along with the reader, and working hard to deliver results, or try to. It's a treat to learn about them when they're on the job, and during off hours. Beware though, danger can strike at any time when a serial killer is on the loose.

D.D. Black is the author of the Thomas Austin Crime Thrillers and other Pacific Northwest crime novels that are on the way. When he's not writing, he can be found strolling the beaches of the Pacific Northwest, cooking dinner for his wife, and throwing a ball for his corgi over and over and over. To learn more, check out

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Suddenly Snow - Warms The Heart


Suddenly Snow

By Susanne Bacon

Stranded by a sudden snowstorm, in the small and isolated Victorian town of Wycliff, all the holiday day tripping tourists enjoying the sights are stuck. Fortunately for the last of the stragglers desperate for a warm place to stay, The Gull's Nest Bed and Breakfast has some room left. When the last of the rooms is filled, there are still other visitors with nowhere to go. The owner, Abigail Winterbottom is pressed to find still more room to fit everyone. Abigail had not even planned to be home for the holidays. She had troubles of the heart. She'd hoped to reconcile with Hank, who had left her. She'd hoped to revive their love, one last try, but destiny had changed her travel plans to go see Hank. Now there is Suddenly Snow and she has a Bed and Breakfast overflowing with unprepared guests. None of them had suitcases, but they all carried baggage with them. Like Abigail, they each have problems of their own. Can these strangers find ways to help each other find hope, resolve issues, and make new friends?

As you read about the different groups of people who travel to Wycliff just before Christmas, it's fascinating to meet them on the pages of this uplifting book. What each of them faces is so different, so interesting, and yet very relatable. They turn up on the doorstep, covering their troubles with smiles and silence. There are signs that reveal their stories, and it's through helping others that each of them find they are also helped themselves.

How can a group of strangers, isolated from their everyday lives help a single parent father and his daughter? And also a pregnant woman and her friend. How about Abigail's long time, blind friend? And an amazing saga of triplet sisters leading unique adult lives? Anyone wondering about the story of a non-practicing doctor? It's intriguing to read about these sincerely struggling characters, some desperate, who have such vivid personalities skillfully portrayed by this talented author. Even the town of Wycliff itself is a sweet community presence that comes to life for these holidays and the Suddenly Snow.

Susanne Bacon was born in Stuttgart, Germany, has a double Master’s degree in literature and linguistics, and has been working as an author, journalist, and columnist for over 20 years. She lives with her husband in the South Puget Sound region in Washington State. Suddenly Snow is her sixth Wycliff novel.

The Everlasting Gift - Reading Sunshine


The Everlasting Gift

By David-Matthew Barnes

Do whatever it takes to bring some sunshine into this world. A noble thought in a big world. Easier said than done. Oh! How the effort creates the potential for unexpected, and even life changing results, with ripples in so many directions. In the poignant book The Everlasting Gift, Sharleen has an incredible talent as a pianist. She has a real flair for music and for teaching and inspiring others. She doesn't see the beautiful potential of her abilities. She only sees obstacles that spring up in her way. She struggles to keep herself going after facing a series of disappointments and tragedies. How can she summon the courage to step forward into her future?

Sharleen is studying to be a teacher. She doesn't have the money to complete her course work. A temporary job opportunity comes up to organize students for a dramatic arts performance. The payment for this work is needed for Sharleen to complete her college studies, but this work comes with an uncomfortable twist. It requires her to return to the grade school she graduated from. How difficult is it to go back again? She's worried about what she may find there. Can she confront, and find a way to live with the memories she's buried deep inside? She has to try, or risk losing the future she dreams of.

Working on the stage show at her old school, Sharleen meets an interesting group of young students, including Victor with his dancing skills and Ivy with her amazing singing voice. Behind their talents though, this group of young students face some difficult, emotional issues. Sharleen is impressed with these kids, and her spirit begins to revive. Her grandmother continues to be her inspiration as well, and a most important relationship in Sharleen's life. The school administrators and faculty are not all on board with Sharleen and her efforts. Some need to gain better understanding, while others seem determined to undermine all Sharleen's hopes for bringing sunshine into her students' world. Some parents are also unsure. Sharleen is challenged to foster these relationships and offer hope to them all, including one parent in particular. Ivy's father, Jake is a single parent and struggling with his own grief over his wife's death years ago. The connection between Jake and Sharleen creates magical sparks, and together they share The Everlasting Gift.

David-Matthew Barnes is the bestselling author of fifteen novels, three collections of poetry, seven short stories, and more than seventy stage plays that have been performed in three languages in twelve countries. To date, he has written six produced screenplays, including the coming-of-age indie drama Frozen Stars and the award-winning Dutch film Wagon. He writes in multiple genres, primarily young adult, romance, thriller, and horror.

Monday, October 24, 2022

Dig Into The Nighthawkers


The Nighthawkers

By Amy L. Bernstein

Archaeologist Pauline Marsh may be haunted by the past. She's hearing paranormal voices in her head, that other people don't. These voices want something. They're looking to reconnect with love, and they are reaching out to Pauline for help. Why Pauline? With the difficult, lonely childhood Pauline emerged from, she feels completely unlovable and certainly unable to help others. Yet, these voices persist. Mysterious, physical seizures surge within Pauline with no warning. She dreads these episodes which she calls the pulse. What are these forces bearing down upon her?

There is hope on Pauline's horizon, and his name is Grey Henley. He's a handsome and charismatic man, and they seem to share a hot connection. These lovers plan a future together, treasure seeking for an immensely rich lifestyle. What impact does ambition have on love? And can true love survive the secrets they keep from each other, including those voices speaking to Pauline?

At Carthage University, it's graduation day full of ceremony, speeches, celebrations, and receptions. Dean Nojes praises Pauline, who is the recipient of Carthage's most coveted academic prize. Pauline feels unworthy of it, but she is obligated to show up at the Dean's reception. She meets the most charming, Grey Henley with his appealing, crooked grin and his sweet talk. That night they share an out-of-body experience, and are thrilled with the adventure of it. They want this fantastic escapade to last a lifetime. Grey thinks he's found the girl of his dreams, and Pauline feels Grey is the family life she's never known and always longed for.

Ambition is a powerful emotion, and it can saturate a person's spirit. This dynamic couple together pursue archaeological finds, but in time their nighthawking turns darkly to profiteering. Despite Pauline's reluctance, they partner with a man Grey knows to sell their discoveries. There's something odd about this new partner, Tyrone Lake. Although the trio start out successfully as a team, fate, or something, steps in with an unexpected twist.

This book is a thought provoking journey into the powers that lie within a person, and where empowerment, once triggered can lead a person. There is more than one way for Pauline to achieve what she wants more than anything in this world, but can she find her way? The characters in this story are fascinating, and the wordly as well as paranormal hurdles they must leap are emotionally challenging. The Nighthawkers push the boundaries as they delve into the riches of the past, and readers are treated to the excitement of their finds.

Amy Bernstein writes stories that let readers feel, while asking them to think. Her literary preoccupations include rooting for the underdog and putting ordinary people in difficult situations to see how they wriggle out. Amy is an award-winning journalist, playwright, and certified nonfiction book coach. When she’s not writing about romance, including explicit romance novels, or dystopian futures, she loves listening to jazz and classical music, drinking wine with friends, and prowling around Baltimore’s waterfront.

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Frankenstein Diaries - Iconic Horror & More


Secret Memoirs of Mary Shelley:

Frankenstein Diaries “The Romantics”

By Michael January and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

The title alone is intriguing. Who wouldn’t love to spy on the diary of the women that brought us one of the most iconic creatures of horror, but this story is so much more. The tale takes us on a magical and sometimes jarring trip across Europe, with Mrs. Shelley providing us with the color commentary and narration.

Mary flees her home and England with poet and married man, Percy Shelley, and her step-sister, Jane, no Claire, no Clara, - she used whatever name suited her temperament at the time. Mary’s stepmother tracks them to France to confront the scoundrel and bring her underage daughter home. Through differing social standards, Mary, Claire, and Percy remain in France. Thus begins our adventure.

The trio face trials from the weather, the financial demands of travel, and an infatuated younger sibling. As they venture from city to city and country to country, the mercurial nature of nineteenth-century mores provided intrigue, and demands on the trio’s wits. From attending high society fetes to sleeping in abandoned barns, and encounters with soldiers, these travelers had to stay on their toes.

This collaboration between nineteenth century and twenty-first-century authors provides readers with seamless accounts of the real trip through Europe and fanciful speculation of what could have happened. The story is amazing and the writing is seamlessly beautiful. A must read for lovers of Frankenstein, his monster, Mary Shelley, or the nineteenth-century.

Michael January is a writer for film and television, as well as a travel writer, photographer, and novelist. He is a California native but has lived on the U.S. East Coast and in London. His travels have taken him all over and especially across Europe. His “Favorite Castles” book series is up to 5 volumes. His films have shown on HBO and Showtime.

Guest Reviewer - Carl W Lee

Carl Lee lives in the rolling farmlands of southern Illinois. This fertile ground sprouted his imagination at a young age. A deep love of classic myths coupled with an attraction to the macabre horror movie genre grew into his love of paranormal fiction. He has been a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association for more than a dozen years, an active member of the Flamingo Writers Group, and Co-host of the YouTube podcast, A Novel Talk

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The Incident - Is Life Altering


The Incident

By Avis M. Adams

Climate change strikes. Devastation threatens. Human survival is at stake when the terrifying, destructive storms thunder in. Seventeen-year-old Josh has grown up on Woolf farm. It's been in his family for generations. Josh feels confident in his skills and preparation for any emergencies. Until now. He's never faced anything like this oncoming sheer will of mother nature before. In contrast, Emma is a year younger, living in the city. After her previous, enthusiastic support to protect the environment, she's now up against the fight of her life. Everything has changed around her, and humanity's very existence is at risk. Will Josh and Emma be able to save themselves, and their loved ones, and what will happen when Josh's and Emma's two worlds collide?

Josh and Emma are such different personalities, shaped by their families and where they live. They face different situations and challenges within the attacking storms. Josh is defending his family farm and caring for his injured mother. Josh has to realize there are things he needs to learn in order to adapt to the unrecognizable place the world has become. Can he learn what he needs to? In the city, Emma has sneaked away from home to support a march for the environment. Now The Incident has begun its own march through her urban home. Emma is separated from her mother and determined to find her way back, if there is any possible way. Emma has yearned for independence, now her self-reliance will be sorely tested.

In this crazy, new world, eventually Josh and Emma cross paths. Once the storms subside, what is left is completely life altering. New dangers must be faced. Will these dynamic, young people be up to this next challenge?

Author Avis Adams has written a gritty, relevant, contemporary young adult novel that is filled with action and thought provoking issues. Her characters leap off the pages. Josh and Emma are vivid, impulsive, young people who act with the best of intentions. Their family members are beautifully crafted. And Emma connects with two fun ladies, Jade and Lilli who are true scene stealers. Tense plot twists keep the reader on their toes from beginning to end.

Author Avis M. Adams has written a hit with this debut novel. You can learn more at her website You can learn more about her and her next books when you visit her website at

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Welcome To The Far Side Of Heaven


The Far Side of Heaven

By D. L. Gardner

What a memorable Christmas novella. It's a tale you'll treasure long after relishing your read of the last page. These touching characters exhibit tremendous courage against trying times. It's so easy to get embroiled in your own troubles and miss seeing the lives of others. These characters learn that finding ways to help other people, their own lives are touched in a positive way. Although life's hurdles and difficulties differ for each of us, in the end we are all in this life together. There's mystery in the ways we can connect, and kindness is the clue. When the long, deep darkness of the winter surrounds us, it's hope that pushes us to switch on the beautiful Christmas tree lights.

Charlene survived a deadly fire that swept through her small mountain town, but her ranch home was destroyed. Her parents made the heart wrenching decision to move away after the devastation. Charlene continues on as best she can on her own, fighting to regain her spirit after a bitter divorce, running the family gift shop, living above it, and struggling to pay bills and survive. The town's small population are not much of a customer base, and there is little tourist traffic, especially right now as a treacherous winter storm blows in and closes the roads. Desperation is bubbling within Charlene. If only she can rekindle a feeling of hope.

Caught in the midst of the road closure, an entrepreneur named Dallas, and his partner are stuck in a place that appears in the snowy swirl to be the middle of nowhere. Stranded for now in this small town of Meritville, they're looking for coffee and shelter. It wasn't his intention to aggravate the owner of the gift shop. She seemed quite charming, until he got on her wrong side. As Dallas learns more about Charlene and others in this town, he's drawn to their stories, and finds himself thrown into the whirlwind.

Cuddle up with a tender, Christmas love story of town neighbors, and of a very special couple of people who were total strangers and found the life and spirit of hope in each other. This author creates a vivid setting, and characters who are carved from its rugged landscape. You'll be hanging onto every word, searching for hope. It's a surprising twist in the end, for Charlene and Dallas, and the reader.

Author D. L. Gardner is an author and screenwriter. She creates many fiction novels, novellas, and short stories. You can learn more at her website