Sunday, August 4, 2019

Jeri Westerson's Paranormal Romance Adventure - Is Love Stronger Than Fate?

The Darkest Gateway

By Jeri Westerson

                Welcome to the fourth book in The Booke of the Hidden Series. Author Jeri Westerson invites you on an adventure through The Darkest Gateway. In this paranormal romance series, the protagonist is Kylie. She is torn whether to accept the challenge before her. If she does, this treacherous quest could cost her the highest price of her life. What you need to know about the Booke of the Hidden is that it exhibits a vicious element of surprise. You never know what can come out of it, or when. Some wonder if the Booke takes pleasure in creating chaos.

                In this series you’ll be treated to action scenes that seamlessly incorporate practical magic with such flair you can’t help but be impressed. The magic system developed is comprehensive and also fascinating reading. The challenges faced are creative and exciting. This paranormal romance is very entertaining, and at the same time humorous and ultimately revealing of human nature. The characters of Moody Bog are intriguing and filled with humor, as the town is populated with people, witches, demons, and more. It’s a series that will cast its spell over you as you travel deeper and deeper into untold danger. As Kylie says, “There was no instruction manual for this.”

                This quirky-humorous and edgy-romantic urban fantasy set in a small town in Maine is full of the unexpected at every turn. These characters will tickle your sense of humor. The thoughtful plot will keep you spellbound as devilish powers are confronted. You’ll need to hang on tight while this roller coaster of suspense propels you.

                Jeri Westerson is a true genre jumper, consistently creative and entertaining author. She is the author of twelve Crispin Guest Medieval Noir novels, a series nominated for 13 national awards. She has this paranormal romance series, and the last in this exciting series is expected to release in October. She’s also authored Historical Novels, LGBT Mysteries; she has an upcoming Steampunk series, as well as many short stories. The author also frequently guest lectures on medieval history at southern California colleges and museums. Learn more about the author at her websites and And hear more from the author on A Novel Talk with Jeri Westerson, co-hosted by Wendy Kendall and Carl Lee on YouTube.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

First Man Is Out Of This World

First Man

By James R. Hansen

                 You may have seen the excellent hit movie. Now, for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20th, I’m recommending the book that tells the incredible saga of that First Man, an essential biography by James R. Hansen. Not just a biography though, this is an entertaining, comprehensive story of a fascinating time in history. And it’s enhanced by stunning pictures, including some that are out of this world.

                The book starts with Neil Armstrong’s youth. He grew up under the shadow of the Wright brothers’ celebrated invention of the airplane, and their inaugural aerial experiences in Ohio. Young Neil was an avid model airplane enthusiast. “Originally my focus was on the building of airplanes, not their flying.” It’s compelling to read about the people around him, the times, his personality, and the opportunities that converged into his epic achievements that take flight.

                That is not to say that he found success in all he attempted. The writing about his stumbles, and how he learns from them, is insightful. The exciting times of the daring test pilots will get your heart pounding and your imagination churning. At Edwards Air Force Base they said “Neil ran circles around many test pilots.” It was so important to have the combination of the skills and also the daring to try new things. According to Armstrong, “It was program development, looking at the problems of flight. It was a wonderful time period, and it was very satisfying work, particularly when you found a solution.”

                And then there is the telling of the moon flight. Facts only this insider knows about the people, the training, the service of the astronauts, NASA, scientists, politicians, and affiliated businesses turns this book into something hard to put down. The stories about the people are laced with motives and interactions so utterly human, at times very funny, at times heroic, and historic.

                The author is a Professor Emeritus of History and an expert in aerospace and the history of its science and technology. He is a former historian for NASA. This is one of a dozen books he has authored on aviation. He lives with his family in Alabama.

                Give yourself a 50th Anniversary moon landing gift by reading First Man, and treat yourself to the stories and information that even a great movie just does not have the means to include. Remember to celebrate a giant leap on July 20th.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Barry Swanson's Lost Frequency Surfaces Thrills

Lost Frequency

By Barry Swanson

                Barry Swanson has written a taut, suspenseful thriller about an international race to discover a communication tool to translate a Lost Frequency into a language. How will such a tool be used by the victor in this race? Will it sustain good or diabolical purposes? Clues to this discovery lay with pods of whales. Have you ever wanted to talk with whales? Think of what we can learn from each other. Wisdom of the ages, shared. Will the human race thrive from what they learn, or struggle to survive as they use it against each other? And what is the fate of the whales?

                A Puget Sound family’s legacy moves to a new generation when David Parker takes the reins. He uses a different approach as he begins covert work researching whale pods and their behavior. This is a perspective that hasn’t been tried before. His technology company team believes it can find the way to decipher and propel this promising advance for humankind. But can their solutions be stolen?  And are they even on the right track? If successful, can humankind cooperate and collaborate in its use? As David Parker’s worthy opponent believes, “This is not the way that people interested only in power and influence think. For them, it is zero-sum. Power cannot be split. Power must always end up on one side. That’s the way the game is won.” The people in power are playing this game to win.

                The mystery deepens as to just what the tech team is actually solving for. In the meantime foreign spies are infiltrating, stealing secrets, and eliminating anyone who gets in their way. “You are Prometheus, Mr. Parker . . . . Stealing fire from the gods to give to us mortals. Let us hope we do not burn ourselves.” The greatest threat is to David Parker and his family, and that is not something he had bargained for.

                The explanation of the research in process is thought provoking. The work is clearly presented by such interesting characters, each with their own deeply held motives and reasons for participating. The descriptions of the whales’ grandeur, beauty, intellect, and lives are heartfelt and inspiring.

                The author is a marine naturalist, a steward of the environment, and a singer/songwriter. Barry Swanson lives with his family in the Pacific Northwest on the beautiful Salish Sea. Prepare yourself for an intense thriller. Throughout this adventure, the author’s respect for the worldwide work of researchers, scientists, and for the marine mammals that populate our waters breaches the pages.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Mercy River by Glen Erik Hamilton

Image result for mercy river book covers

Mercy River

By Glen Erik Hamilton

                Welcome to Mercy River, Oregon where you’ll “feel a growing energy in the town like kids before summer vacation. Or maybe animals before an earthquake.” Author Glen Erik Hamilton shares a gripping mystery thriller where friendship is tested, and dangers surround criminal actions that threaten a person’s belief in whether justice can ever emerge. This is the fourth novel in the award winning Van Shaw mystery series that started with the first book winning the Anthony, the Macavity, and the Strand Magazine Critics awards.

                Now Van’s friend and fellow Veteran Leo, is accused of murder and jailed in the secretive, small town of Mercy River in Oregon. The victim was the front man for a team of private military contractors hired to recover stolen opiates. The accused is doing little to help his own defense, and is eerily silent on much of what happened that night. The bonds of brotherhood and friendship are sorely tested as Van works to uncover what actually happened and tries to show his friend’s innocence. This drama unfolds over the background of a raucous U.S. Army Rangers weekend reunion and town-wide party of a growing Veteran support network. Devoted celebrants rally around this network’s founder and highly decorated special operations general.

                The memorable characters are skillfully created. Van Shaw is an Army Ranger Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and within his tough exterior he hides a loyal heart and a haunted spirit. He’s motivated by an ethical code formed through his own extraordinary experiences. A loner, he struggles with the complicated emotions of a life of what could have been, with his ex-girlfriend Luce. She also turns up in Mercy River, in the name of friendship. Now Van must focus his energies to try and survive a chilling fight against this deadly adversary who is lurking in plain sight.

                This award winning, best-selling author knows a lot about the Pacific Northwest. He grew up aboard a sailboat in the Seattle area, and spent much time sailing the islands in the area. He now lives in Burbank, California with his family, but left his heart in Seattle and visits frequently.

                To hear more from the author listen on YouTube where Wendy Kendall & Carl Lee Co-Host A Novel Talk with Glen Erik Hamilton

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Solar Reboot - Book Goes Audio!

Solar Reboot

By Matthew D. Hunt

Solar Reboot is now an Audio Book! 
Narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, it's just over 10 hours of excitement on iTunes, Google Play, Scribd, Beek and EStories. 

Watch for it also on other platforms in the next few weeks.

Alex Robinson, Park Ranger, has spent his adult life preparing for the unexpected. But the unexpected can hit at most inconvenient times. After traveling across the country from Seattle to New York City with his pre-teen daughter to her out-of-state swim meet, he hears on the radio – “scientists at NASA are now reporting that the solar flare is much larger than they had anticipated . . .” and then the largest solar flare in history hits. And so this Science Fiction adventure begins.

Stuck on the other side of the country from his wife Cameron, with planes falling from the skies, electricity grid nonexistent and the population’s palpable fear, Alex must find a way to reunite the family in Seattle. And so his dangerous journey across the country begins, amidst his own fears whether he has what it takes if confronted and if necessary to lie, or to steal, or even to kill in order to keep his daughter safe in this changed world. As the story unfolds, they are faced with unpredictable crisis situations that will test them both.
In the meantime, conditions are not any better in the Seattle area. Cameron decides to retreat to the family rustic cabin that was built within a mountain community. There she will face the uncertainties of nature, and the sometimes dark side of human nature. There is a mystery uncovered that demands to be solved, and no one has a clue what they’ve let themselves in for.

There are no guarantees of safety or survival in this dramatically charged new world. It’s a thought provoking book asking questions about trust, loyalty, family, and what is truly important to a life. At the same time, humor is infused throughout for a fun read filled with a very intriguing assortment of characters.

Solar Reboot is Matthew D. Hunt’s debut novel. Matthew D. Hunt is proof that it's never too late to follow your dreams. As he reached middle age, he was inspired by film icons Richard Hatch and Tony Todd to rework his entire life and pursue a career as an independent film producer/writer where he rapidly became known for his unique ability to guide the creative process. Now with numerous projects under his belt such as "5th Passenger", "Junkie", and "Nobility" to name a few, he’s also made his novel debut with Solar Reboot.

This book has won a bronze IPPY award for Science Fiction, Gold Medal Winner of the 2018 Global Ebook award, and most recently is a finalist in the 2018 Washington State Book Awards.

And if you want to hear more from the author listen on YouTube to Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Matthew D. Hunt

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Enjoy Seven Nights With A Scot

Seven Nights With A Scot

All The King’s Men Series
By Gerri Russell

Seven Nights with a Scot book coverAward winning and bestselling author Gerri Russell sends you roamin’ in the gloamin’ on an exhilarating Seven Nights With A Scot, in this historical, romance novel. These are the days of the North Berham witch trials in Scotland, with atrocities inflicted on anyone accused of sorcery. The lovely Vivian Sinclair who is quietly practicing her gifts of healing and precognition is surrounded by grave threats despite the protection of her guardian King James. So, His Majesty betroths her to one of his most powerful warriors thinking she will be safe with him. His home is a dangerous seven night’s journey away, and his handsome brother, Quinn Douglas is charged with getting Vivian there – a mission that he accepts with all his heart.

Villainous Rupert pledges with a vengeance to personally find and purge Scotland of all witches, in the most grisly manner. He decides in particular to launch a terrifying crusade against Vivian, and he is in hot pursuit of both Vivian and Quinn, and the few friends who have joined to help them. Rupert is described in the novel in an ominous way. “’Twas the drawback of hunting his prey. He always caught what he sought.”

Sharing close quarters and a passionate attraction, Vivian and Quinn are on the run from Rupert but also from their own heartfelt feelings for each other. It’s a different kind of torment, for Vivian daring to love for the very first time, alongside Quinn who is falling deeply in love but struggles to stop himself from betraying his brother.

Writing adventurous and emotionally intense novels set in the twelfth to seventeenth century Scotland, as well as flirty contemporary novels set in the Pacific Northwest, author Gerri Russell is a two time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award. Her writing is breathtaking and vivid, with thought provoking characters and engaging dialogue. Historical insights are deftly planted throughout, the action is ongoing, and the sizzling romance is palpable. Nothing is guaranteed in this story - not liberty, not love, not life. Will Vivian be caught and accused of witchery? What will be her fate? Will Quinn find any solace? Will love prevail after Seven Nights With A Scot?

Gerri Russell has worked as a broadcast journalist, newspaper reporter, magazine columnist, technical writer and editor, which all finally led her to romance author of thirteen novels and one novella. Hear more from the author herself on YouTube podcast episode with co-hosts Wendy Kendall and Carl Lee – A Novel Talk with Gerri Russell

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wild West History With The Kemptons by Trudy Kempton Dana

The KemptonsAdventures of a Montana Ranch Family 1880 - 1964
By Trudy Kempton Dana

Author Trudy Kempton Dana will be signing books on Saturday May 11 from 11:00 to noon at the Edmonds Bookshop, so be sure to mosey on over to meet her and to hear more old western stories about The Kemptons.

Delight in this memoir that is a fascinating storytelling of an intriguing period of history, and these stories are told as if by the different people themselves. The author brings these characters truly to life as they tell their own stories and also share tales about each other. Pull up a chair and enjoy the exploits of The Kemptons and their friends as they participate in making Montana history, touching on slices of national historic events, and even adventuring in foreign lands.

Image result for the kemptons book coverWhat a treasure of information discovered in this collection of stories that are fascinating for readers young and old. The author really brings the people who made our history, their feelings, their everyday challenges, and their dreams so real and relatable. This is a family with roots in immigration as well as in Native American tribe. There are fun stories about settling the small town west, exciting Wild West show tours episodes, and anecdotes of the daily running of the Kempton Ranch and Hotel. Along with the interesting glimpses into the family members’ lives, their friends in the towns and working with them on the ranch and at the hotel are also compelling characters, who were real people. The Florida Cowboy and his horse Miami have such a fun and touching story recounted over a truly memorable Christmas Eve gift. President Theodore Roosevelt even has a direct connection with The Kemptons that adds to the humor that laces the tough lives memorialized here. At the end of each chapter, the author adds a note about the story told by the character, adding additional context that ties up any questions so effectively.

This memoir is generously endowed with historic photos of the people, memorabilia, and places recounted. How fortunate to have such clear pictures to enhance the storytelling. Author Trudy Kempton Dana grew up hearing stories of her father’s life on this incredible Montana cattle ranch. These stories captured her imagination and she’s combined that legacy with some historic research to bring to life a time that embraces humor, hard work, dreams, family and community. “Although the original ranch house, no longer occupied, has fallen into disrepair, you can still see the grandeur of the large, welcoming living room and dining areas. Only the memories, the ghosts of the Kempton family, remain. . . . the Kemptons loved the land and it gave them life.” Fortunately we also have the tales of The Kemptons as well in this memorable book of biographical stories.

The author’s father, Jerry Kempton was once told by his father, “We can’t live in the past. We have to make the present something we can be proud of and plan for the future.” Although with this book the past is a great place to visit.