Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Forgotten Rage Jumps Off The Page

Image result for melodie hernandez forgotten rage book coverForgotten Rage

By Melodie Hernandez

Here’s a thought provoking thriller about how people react to the events and influences in their lives, even years later. It shows how the impact of incidents on people can vary depending on their age and circumstances. As people carry on, and try to forget elements of their past, author Melodie Hernandez analyzes in her exciting thriller the terrifying ways that Forgotten Rage can surface. This dynamic, fictional story about hunting a serial killer in Seattle highlights the stories of the victims, along with presenting a chilling view into the thoughts and motivations of the villain.

Luz Santos is a Seattle Police Department Detective assigned to a homicide case. She soon determines that this killer is actively and fearlessly determined to continue on a murderous spree. The clock is fast ticking between brutal murders, and the Detective is pressed to catch this killer before more people are murdered. But the number of victims continues to rise, and there are ominous signs that the killer’s targets are getting closer to Luz herself, and people she cares about most. The media is keeping the investigation in the headlines, and the Mayor’s office is especially concerned, making resolution of this case a priority.

One of the suspects presents an intriguing controversy for the young Detective. Luz determines his innocence, but despite her own internal resistance, she can’t stop herself from falling in love with him. Can she truly see him clearly, or is her judgment clouded? Luz also has her own personal history, which seeps to the surface at times and influences her actions and decisions. Her coworkers, supervisor, and family help, and sometimes complicate her work on the case. In this fast paced mystery, the action never lags.

Author Melodie Hernandez has created a tenacious, smart, and driven police detective. In fact all her characters make fascinating reading. Most insightful are the scenes written from the killer’s point of view, giving a glimpse into the thoughts and motivations of a serial killer. These scenes are compelling and stunning reading.  You’ll find clues in the story, and create theories along with the police so you can try to solve the case yourself.

This is the first book in the Forgotten series by author Melodie Hernandez. She began writing at a young age and has written two novels, a few short stories, and is a published poet. She’s an avid reader and writes mostly crime fiction. Remember to get your copy of Forgotten Rage.


  1. Sounds intriguing, especially that we get to hear the villain's voice. Love that this new series is set in Seattle and features a female detective.

  2. I had the immense honor of reading a pre-release copy. The author creates the scenes in the book so it played like a movie in my head. I honestly could not put this novel down, I drained three devices of battery life, and spent the entire day vividly picturing each character, each encounter. Brilliantly written!!