Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Forgotten Rage Jumps Off The Page

Image result for melodie hernandez forgotten rage book coverForgotten Rage

By Melodie Hernandez

Here’s a thought provoking thriller about how people react to the events and influences in their lives, even years later. It shows how the impact of incidents on people can vary depending on their age and circumstances. As people carry on, and try to forget elements of their past, author Melodie Hernandez analyzes in her exciting thriller the terrifying ways that Forgotten Rage can surface. This dynamic, fictional story about hunting a serial killer in Seattle highlights the stories of the victims, along with presenting a chilling view into the thoughts and motivations of the villain.

Luz Santos is a Seattle Police Department Detective assigned to a homicide case. She soon determines that this killer is actively and fearlessly determined to continue on a murderous spree. The clock is fast ticking between brutal murders, and the Detective is pressed to catch this killer before more people are murdered. But the number of victims continues to rise, and there are ominous signs that the killer’s targets are getting closer to Luz herself, and people she cares about most. The media is keeping the investigation in the headlines, and the Mayor’s office is especially concerned, making resolution of this case a priority.

One of the suspects presents an intriguing controversy for the young Detective. Luz determines his innocence, but despite her own internal resistance, she can’t stop herself from falling in love with him. Can she truly see him clearly, or is her judgment clouded? Luz also has her own personal history, which seeps to the surface at times and influences her actions and decisions. Her coworkers, supervisor, and family help, and sometimes complicate her work on the case. In this fast paced mystery, the action never lags.

Author Melodie Hernandez has created a tenacious, smart, and driven police detective. In fact all her characters make fascinating reading. Most insightful are the scenes written from the killer’s point of view, giving a glimpse into the thoughts and motivations of a serial killer. These scenes are compelling and stunning reading.  You’ll find clues in the story, and create theories along with the police so you can try to solve the case yourself.

This is the first book in the Forgotten series by author Melodie Hernandez. She began writing at a young age and has written two novels, a few short stories, and is a published poet. She’s an avid reader and writes mostly crime fiction. Remember to get your copy of Forgotten Rage.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Solar Reboot Sparks A Sci Fi Adventure

Image result for solar reboot book cover

Solar Reboot
By Matthew D. Hunt

Alex Robinson, Park Ranger, has spent his adult life preparing for the unexpected. But the unexpected can hit at most inconvenient times. After traveling across the country from Seattle to New York City with his pre-teen daughter to her out-of-state swim meet, he hears on the radio – “scientists at NASA are now reporting that the solar flare is much larger than they had anticipated . . .” and then the largest solar flare in history hits. And so this Science Fiction adventure begins.

Stuck on the other side of the country from his wife Cameron, with planes falling from the skies, electricity grid nonexistent and the population’s palpable fear, Alex must find a way to reunite the family in Seattle. And so his dangerous journey across the country begins, amidst his own fears whether he has what it takes if confronted and if necessary to lie, or to steal, or even to kill in order to keep his daughter safe in this changed world. As the story unfolds, they are faced with unpredictable crisis situations that will test them both.

In the meantime, conditions are not any better in the Seattle area. Cameron decides to retreat to the family rustic cabin that was built within a mountain community. There she will face the uncertainties of nature, and the sometimes dark side of human nature. There is a mystery uncovered that demands to be solved, and no one has a clue what they’ve let themselves in for.

There are no guarantees of safety or survival in this dramatically charged new world. It’s a thought provoking book asking questions about trust, loyalty, family, and what is truly important to a life. At the same time, humor is infused throughout for a fun read filled with a very intriguing assortment of characters.

Solar Reboot is Matthew D. Hunt’s debut novel. Matthew D. Hunt is proof that it's never too late to follow your dreams. As he reached middle age, he was inspired by film icons Richard Hatch and Tony Todd to rework his entire life and pursue a career as an independent film producer/writer where he rapidly became known for his unique ability to guide the creative process. Now with numerous projects under his belt such as "5th Passenger", "Junkie", and "Nobility" to name a few, he’s also made his novel debut with Solar Reboot.

This book has won a bronze IPPY award for Science Fiction, Gold Medal Winner of the 2018 Global Ebook award, and most recently is a finalist in the 2018 Washington State Book Awards.

And if you want to hear more from the author listen on YouTube to Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Matthew D. Hunt

Monday, August 20, 2018

Death by Opera, Author Erica Miner

Death by OperaDeath by Opera
By Erica Miner

Opera is filled with passion, and what better setting for secrecy and murder. What could possibly go wrong behind the curtain, in those dark corners, hidden hallways, stairwells, scenery and props when larger than life egos fuel rivalries? The machinations of Death by Opera are skillfully conducted in a masterful story authored by Erica Miner. Memorable characters vividly come to life on this novel stage and engage the reader in a puzzling mystery to solve.

This is the second book in a captivating series. Having survived her entanglement in a murder plot at the Metropolitan Opera, violinist Julia Kogan finds herself once more in operatic turmoil at the Santa Fe Opera. Against the breathtaking backdrop of mystical New Mexico and the elegant contemporary outdoor Santa Fe Opera Theatre, chaos ensues, as murderous activities plague the performers on stage and off.

The reader is mesmerized by the chance idea that life imitates art imitates life. If all the world’s a stage, and we merely players, then how will this macabre overture turn the story, through its acts and arias? And how does it all end? This mystery is a fascinating glimpse into a world that few have the privilege to be a part of, and then it includes the intrigue of a life and death mystery to solve. And there is a fun dynamic to the book, including the operatic quotes starting each chapter.

This author’s many years as a violinist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and her enchanting imagination combine to indulge the reader in a vibrant show that’s rich in history and chills. Erica Minor retired from the Met and moved to the West Coast where she studied screenwriting and won awards in several competitions including with the Writer’s Digest. Her first novel in this series, Murder in the Pit is also a celebrated mystery.

Your idea of opera may be a staged drama set to music; a story told of a guy who gets stabbed in the back, and instead of dying, he sings. If so, you’ll want to join these characters backstage in Death by Opera to see for yourself how a murderer is discovered, and if that murderer can be stopped in time, before the fat lady sings.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Living in a Foreign Language

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Living in a Foreign Language
By Michael Tucker

                Indulge in the full sensory story of American ex-Pats who impulsively buy a rustico, a cottage home in Northern Italy, and literally move into la bella vita. In this full bodied memoir, the author vividly shares the warmth, fun, humor, romance and the spirited aspects of this joyful, life adventure, especially the amazing meals. These meals are daily opportunities to treat the taste buds, as well as appreciate the fine art behind the cooking, and linger over the loving company of friends and family. After years living the fast paced lifestyles of New York and California, wedded actors Michael Tucker and Jill Eikenberry decided that “spring was about change, and so were we.” And so they began Living in a Foreign Language.

                It’s true that they could not speak Italian when they decided to move there, but as they began to learn the language, they also learned that people communicate in many ways. It’s refreshing to read how their forays into daily, Italian life show the bright and positive parts of human nature. And the cooking, have I mentioned the cooking! This author is an epic epicure. His tenderly detailed descriptions of collaborative meal preparations, along with the lingering scenes savoring the results of their labors, matched with the chosen wines virtually delight all the senses.

                The heartfelt picture the author paints of this beautiful country and people creates an insatiable longing for all they discovered, and an aspiration to take time to sculpt aspects of this bravissimo life into wherever you call home. This memoir is above all a love story. A love for the vitality of life, for bold changes that bring exciting results, and a love between two people that overflows to everyone around them. “To have the partner of a lifetime – for a lifetime – is rare stuff. We’d be fools not to indulge it to the limit. What extraordinary freedom it is not to care about up or down, rich or poor, East Coast, West Coast, as long as we’re in the taxi together.”

                Michael Tucker’s writing is delightful, conversational, beautifully descriptive, and almost lyrical as it wanders through Italian countryside and cities with great humor and affection. He makes the effort to really bring to life the people, situations and scenes for his readers’ enjoyment. A veteran stage, film, and television actor, perhaps best known for his role on the long-running television series L.A. Law, this is his second book. As you read, you’ll wish it never ends. He’s found another calling as an author. Bravo!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Maya Mallick Exciting Mystery Series by Bharti Kirchner

Image result for season of sacrifice book cover

Season of Sacrifice
By Bharti Kirchner

                Maya Mallick is the Private Investigator of the Detectives Unlimited of Kolkata, Seattle branch. She is energetic, smart, tough and feisty as she solves mysteries. Unlike the classic PI stories where the investigator is mostly a loner seeming to have no interest other than in his cases, this contemporary PI enjoys interesting friends and is enamored with nature, gardening, health foods, and a certain police detective when she’s not busy tracking down leads on her cases. But then, this story is action packed and doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for added qualities of life.

                During a morning stroll near Greenlake, Maya is shocked when in front of a gathered crowd two young women shrouded in white set themselves on fire. Just before the blaze ignites she’s horrified to recognize one of the women, and she is a friend of hers. One of the bystanders, who says he is also a friend of the victims, hires Maya to uncover the shocking truth. Neither of them realizes then that they have put in motion factors that will soon risk Maya’s life as well. Maya’s investigation takes her to intriguing corners of the city and across cultural bounds. Secrets are an integral component of mysteries. As the mysterious guru advises Maya about the people she talks to – they believe that their “Secrets are like jewels. You must protect them.” But Maya is determined to reveal them and catch a killer.

                Bharti Kirchner is the author of eleven books, seven novels, four cookbooks, and countless short pieces published in magazines and newspapers. Her talent and skill in cooking is scattered through her mystery novel and adds precious luster to the story. Also the culture of India is such a charming dimension to the book. Much of this cultural reference is through the delightful character Uma who is Maya’s mother. The writing is truly engaging.

                Besides her mystery novel Season of Sacrifice Bharti Kirchner also published her Promised Tulips short story in Seattle Noir which is an anthology of mystery short stories. She’s won numerous awards and honors associated with her writing and her cooking. Before becoming an author, Bharti worked as a systems engineer for IBM and as a systems manager for Bank of America in San Francisco. She’s also worked as a computer systems consultant in Europe and other continents. She’s also a frequent speaker at writers’ conferences, book festivals, and universities.

                And if you want to hear more from the author listen on YouTube to Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Bharti Kirchner

Friday, July 20, 2018

A Spark of Death

Image result for a spark of death book cover

A Spark of Death
By Bernadette Pajer

                The hunt for a killer in this mystery is electric. Take a trip back in history to a vividly described Seattle of the early 1900’s. Here’s an opportunity for you to join University of Washington Professor Benjamin Bradshaw as he discovers clues and analyzes motives and opportunity in order to try to take himself off the police’s suspects list.

                No worries if you’re not a scientist, because at the hands of this skilled author Professor Bradshaw is gifted at illuminating the dynamics of the scientific principles. During the investigation the Professor schools you through the evidence in a most entertaining way. Of course, finding a killer involves analysis of more than facts and evidence, and in this book you get to know fascinating characters that may have had motive and opportunity. The author has a true talent for weaving motive into the characters. As the story is told, the characters’ lives with the troubled palpitations that they carry within their hearts are revealed. What’s fascinating is that with the burdens so many carry who among them became overcome and lashed out. The Professor’s personal life also brings an interesting dimension to the story and provides insights into the place and times.

                This book is the first in a four book mystery series. This fictional has a foundation in true history and is so very well researched. For example, in this first book the characters are preparing for an historic event for the University. It turns out that Seattle was planning for President William McKinley to visit in May 1901. The setting descriptions and the everyday activities ring true and you’ll enjoy absorbing this detail. The early days of the turn of the 20th century, is a wondrous time when the race was on to discover and invent—everything, including electricity and the Tesla coil.

                The author, Bernadette Pajer, loves the Pacific Northwest. She spent her childhood in Seattle, and studied pre-Engineering at the University of Washington.

                And if you want to hear more from the author listen on YouTube to Kendall & Cooper Talk Mysteries with Bernadette Pajer

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Remarkable Read About The Salish Sea

Salish Sea book

The Salish Sea
By Audrey DeLella Benedict & Joseph K. Gaydos

                What a wonderful celebration of the history, biology, beauty and vibrancy of The Salish Sea. This book makes a dynamic impact immediately with its incredible photography that is generously featured on every page of the book. Caught in the moment are the precious scenery and animals of this inland sea off the coast of Washington and British Columbia. Mixed saltwater and freshwater, it includes the Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the Strait of Georgia. The endearing and insightful photography is mesmerizing. The remarkable images are from many contributing professional and amateur photographers. As stated by the authors, “their photographs reveal a profound sense of place and present the intricate beauty of the Salish Sea in a way that will inspire the next generation of conservation stewards.”

                Not to be outdone, authors skillfully weave the many ribbons of the story that is this Jewel of the Pacific Northwest. They share its history in the most interesting way, including spinning the tales of its biological creation, European explorers, and native peoples. They move onto descriptions of the environment, plants, and animals both above and below the surface of the water. They include some thoughtful quotes for the chapters including, “I arise in the morning torn between the desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. That makes it hard to plan the day.” – E. B. White

                Even readers who live right in this region, or visit it frequently, are sure to learn so much in this book, and at the same time be entertained and delighted. Both authors are actively involved with the SeaDoc Society. Audrey DeLella Benedict, a writer and naturalist, is a member of the board. Joseph K. Gaydos, a licensed veterinarian with a PhD in wildlife health, is Chief Scientist for this marine science and conservation program focused on the Salish Sea as a whole. Founded in 2001, SeaDoc is part of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center at the University of California at Davis School, of Veterinary Medicine. Based on Orcas Island, the SeaDoc organization works on both sides of the international border to conduct and support research in many areas, and makes scientific findings available to the public and resource managers who will help shape the future of the Salish Sea. To find out more about SeaDoc, visit seadocsociety.org